Boiler error codes

BAXI error codes

Code Possible Fault
E10 Outdoor Sensor Error
E20 Central Heating Thermistor Sensor Fault
E28 Flue Thermistor Fault
E54 HW Flow Sensor Fault
E78 Water Pressure Sensor Fault
E100 Internal Clock Time Error on PCB
E109 Poor Circulation
110 Overheat
111 Maximum Limit of Flow Temperature
117 Water pressure too high
118 Water pressure too low
119 System Pressure Low (<0.5 bar)
125 Water circulation fault
127 Legionella Protection Temperature not reached
128 Loss of flame during operation
133 Safety time to establish flame exceeded
153 Forced reset unit unlocked
160 Fan Fault
162 Air pressure switch error
164 Heating flow switch error (Ireland) Pressure Sensor Error (UK)
166 Air Pressure Switch Fault
270 Dry Fire
432 Earth connector error
433 Heat exchanger temperature exceeded (greater than 95 degrees)


Error Code

Possible fault

E10 Outdoor sensor error
E20 Central heating thermistor sensor fault
E28 Flue thermistor fault
E50 Domestic hot water sensor fault
E110 Boiler overheat tripped
E119 System pressure low (<0.5 bar)
E125 Primary water circulation fault
E130 Flue thermostat sensor tripped (lockout)
E131 Flue overheat lockout
E133 Ignition fault
E151 PCB error
E152 PCB error
E160 Fan fault
E161 Fan fault
E164 Domestic hot water sensor error (In the ROI this is a heating flow switch error)
E167 PCB fault
E168 PCB lock out
E193 Circulation